File Hills First Nations Police Service





Careers - Special Constables


The File Hills First Nations Police Service also employs Indigenous Special Constable Peace Officers, who are not police officers, to perform the following duties at the member First Nations which receive policing services from the File Hills First Nations Police Service, provided that the discharge of such duties will not involve situations where weapons or vehicle pursuits are involved or where the discharge of the duties will place the appointees or other persons at risk of harm.  Appointment as a FHFNPS Indigenous Special Constable peace officer does not include authority for the appointees to carry firearms but does authorize them to carry and use a collapsible baton and oleoresin capsicum spray in the performance of their duties, provided qualification in the use is maintained.


FHFNPS Special Constable Peace Officers community policing duties include:

  • working with the communities in the development and delivery of crime prevention, recreation and community wellness programs which enhance public safety;
  • taking a leadership role with community Justice Committees and programs for the reintegration of band members into the communities;
  • working with Elders and other community leaders in promoting and participating in cultural  activities and a reawakening of traditional First Nations law in the member First Nations;
  • working with schools at the member First Nations and surrounding communities in developing, implementing and delivering programs directed at providing youth with public  education and awareness of the impacts of crime and healthy alternatives to criminal activity;
  • delivering critical incident stress management, suicide and crisis intervention services;
  • traffic enforcement and crowd control;
  • supplementing community patrol duties performed by the sworn officers of the File Hills First Nations Police Service; and
  • providing specified supporting services to the File Hills First Nations Police Service as directed from time to time.
  • The Traffic Safety Act where applicable, other than engaging in vehicle pursuits which authority is specifically excluded and the by-laws of the member First Nations.
  • Duties relating to the provision of supporting services to File Hills First Nations Police Service will include booking, escorting and guarding prisoners;
  • receiving calls and performing dispatch duties, performing reception duties;
  • performing surveillance and electronic monitoring duties ; judicial interim release fingerprinting and photographing; microfilming and;
  • archiving File Hills First Nations Police Service files and executing court documents and service of subpoenas and summons and other related court documents as a Peace Officer pursuant to The Criminal Code of Canada, which duties and authority shall be limited to executing court documents and summons where a Peace Officer is so permitted, and to service of subpoenas and summons and other related court documents

Minimum Requirements for Special Constable Applicants

  • Must be 19 years of age or older.
  • Must be a Canadian Citizen.
  • Must be of good character.
  • Must have a good knowledge and experience in Indigenous Cultural practices in the Prairie Region.
  • Must have successfully completed Grade 10.
  • Must have a valid driver's licence without restrictions.
  • Must have a good driving record.
  • Must be in good physical condition.
  • Must have no criminal record and be free from criminal involvement in three (3) preceding years, e.g. thefts, illegal drugs. Recent drug use and/or other criminal activity, either detected or undetected by police, will result in default.