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About Us

First Nations Policing was first established under a Community Tripartite Agreement signed in December, 1994, that provided for dedicated policing service to currently five First Nations communities. Several models were tried and eventually evolved into the File Hills First Nations Police Service which was incorporated on December 20th, 2002 as Saskatchewan’s first and only self-administered stand-alone police service.

The FHFNPS proudly carries on the traditional role of helpers and protectors from our First Nations ancestors. Serving five First Nations communities located in the Treaty Four Tribal Territory; Okanese FN; Peepeekisis FN; Carry the Kettle FN; Star Blanket FN and Little Black Bear FN, the members of the FHFNPS have taken oaths to protect and to work with the communities to enforce the laws of Canada as set out in the articles enshrined in Treaty #4, 1874 by the First Peoples’ signatory Tribal Chiefs and Her Majesty’s Government.

Our Vision

To implement and maintain a level of policing that is culturally sensitive to First Nations Values.

Our Mission Statement

The emphasis is to incorporate a culturally sensitive police service that reflects the traditional practices of the First Nations while working in conjunction with other established police services to ensure that quality policing is ongoing. With culturally sensitive policing, we have the strength to incorporate a more effective and proactive community policing strategy.

Our Values – “ASPIRE”

  A Accountability – Responsible for all our decisions and actions.
  S Sharing - Dedication to reawakening our culture for future generations, by enhancing community knowledge and holistic teachings.
  P Protocol – Doing the right things, for the right reasons, all of the time.
  I Integrity – Building trust and friendships and maintaining humility.
  R Respect – Treat all with courtesy, compassion, fairness and dignity.
  E Excellence – Committed to the highest ethical and legal standards in everything we do.

Our Guiding Principles

To promote an understanding of Services that provides a restorative approach to policing that is culturally enriched. The Police Service is dedicated to maintain a professional level of policing, incorporate cultural teachings that will be included in the developmental activities of the members.

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About Us

About Us

About Us