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My name is Paul Avanthay and I am from the Peguis Band of Indians, but I was raised in Grand Rapids (Misipawistik). A little about my past: I served in the Canadian Military for four years and then Joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where I was a member for over 25 yrs. I left the RCMP at the rank of Staff Sergeant having served the majority of my career in Northern Manitoba, providing Policing service to Ininew and Annishanabe Communities. My last RCMP post was at the Kinisow Sipi (Norway House) as the detachment commander.  I really enjoy working in our First Nations communities for and with the people. 

For the last four years, I have been the operational NCO here at File Hills Police Service.  I now start my new role as Chief of Police and look forward to this new chapter in my life. I will be trying to strengthen ties between our office and our communities that we serve towards working to healthier, safer places to live. I have met with many stakeholders and have listened to what they have to say on moving forward in this area. 

The road ahead is not going to be an easy one and I hold no illusions about the challenges that need to be addressed.  I do know that we have strong capable community members that have and will continue to assist us in our common goal to have safer, healthier communities.  I will use this combined strength as a map to guide us forward.

Kinanaskomitin for the opportunity and honour of being your Chief of Police.

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New Chief of Police for the File Hills First Nation Police Service (FHFNPS)

The Board of Police Commissioners of the FHFNPS is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Avanthay to the position of Chief of Police effective December 1, 2021.

Chief Avanthay has 30-year career in serving country and community as a member of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He served with distinction in RCMP detachments that provided policing services to many First Nations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. His last posting was to the File Hills First Nations Police Service, acting as Operations Officer with the rank of Staff Sergeant, under the leadership of Chief of Police Lennard Busch.

Chief Busch is retiring after 43 years in policing and has this to say about Chief Avanthay: “Paul Avanthay was an excellent operations officer, with a great deal of knowledge and experience in the policing field. He will manage a tight ship and ensure competent and professional policing services for the peoples of File Hills.”

The Board is impressed with Chief Avanthay’s body of work and the highly complementary letters of reference from former colleagues and officers who formerly served under his command. The Board looks forward to having Chief Avanthay continue the leadership and organizational discipline that Chief Busch brought to the Police Service.

Chief Avanthay says: “I am committed to managing the Police Service in a fiscally responsible manner and ensuring we have officers and staff who are dedicated professionals. I will serve the people of File Hills to the best of my ability as I focus on providing community-based policing in a culturally competent environment. I look forward to continuing to build positive community relationships and to meeting all challenges that come our way in a changing world.”

The FHFFNPS serves Little Black Bear’s Band of the Assiniboine-Cree, Starblanket Cree Nation, Okanese First Nation, Peepeekisis First Nation and the Carry the Kettle Nakoda Nation.

Chief Avanthay

Retiring File Hills Police Chief Len Busch swears in Chief Paul Avanthay and presents him with the gold badge and insignia of a Chief of Police.


Kelsey StarblanketThe File Hills First Nations Police Service is happy to welcome Kelsey Starblanket to its ranks as a sworn constable. Constable Starblanket successfully graduated from the Saskatchewan Police College on December 10th and will commence duties at File Hills on Monday the 14th. Prior to going to the SPC basic training, he served as an Indigenous special constable at File Hills for 2 years.

"The File Hills Board of Police Commissioners and I are proud and delighted to welcome Constable Starblanket to our sworn ranks. Born and raised on the Starblanket First Nation, Kelsey's acute knowledge of our communities and culture will be both invaluable and a great enhancement to our service delivery."

FHFNPS Chief of Police, Lennard Busch

OCTOBER 24, 2020 - FHFNPS 2019 - 2020 ANNUAL REPORT

Provided here is a copy of the FHFNPS 2019 - 2020 Annual Report.


The File Hills First Nations Police Service is holding the "Treaty Four Strong Arm of the Law Arm Wrestling Tournament" on September 15, 2018, in Fort Qu'Appelle on the Treaty Four Grounds. More information can be found here or by calling Paul Avanthay at 306.334.3222.




Since 2010 approximately 50 people have died in Saskatchewan as a direct result of Fentanyl, 22 in the last year and many more have suffered the severe physical and mental effects of this deadly drug. Many of these people are members of our First Nations communities here in the province while other provinces are reporting even higher deadly and tragic Fentanyl related incidents. Often sold as fake OxyContin many new and experienced drug users are unprepared for its deadly strength and effects.


A fentanyl overdose will result in several characteristic physical symptoms. These symptoms will be easily observed by those who know what to look for, and include: confusion, dizziness, difficulty thinking, speaking, or walking, pale face, blue- or purple-colored lips, fingernails, or extremities, throwing up, choking sounds, pinpoint pupils (pupil size reduced to small black circles in middle of eyes), seizures, slowed heart rate, excessive drowsiness, frequent fainting spells (nodding off), limp body, unresponsiveness, difficulty breathing, hypoventilation (slow, shallow breathing), respiratory failure, … Death.

If you suspect someone is suffering from a drug overdose call 991 immediately!


The File Hills First Nation Police Service Newsletter for March 2016 is now available.